Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall
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Outline of Facilities
Main Hall
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As original concept in hall design, Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall combines a shoe-box shape with arena style seating to provide optimal acoustics.
The special design of the main hall enhances the rich resonance of the pipe organ.

Outline of Facilities
Seating Arrangement
Enclosed shoe box shape
(reverberation: 2.1 seconds with seating at full capacity)
1,944 sq. m (width: 35 m, depth: 54 m, height: 20 m)
Seating Capacity:
2,020 (total)
Reverberation Time: 2.1 seconds (when fully occupied)
1st floor 1,044 seats (with seating spaces arranged to accommodate 4 wheel-chairs)
2nd floor 682 (with 126 chorus seats)
3rd floor 294
290 sq. m total area (width: 19.5-22.5m, depth: 11-13.4 m)
Orchestra tiers: 7 Elevator stage lifts at the front of the stage: 6
Stage lift for piano:1 Stage lifts for speakers: 2
Lighting battens: 4 Battens: 7
Dressing Rooms
12 rooms, total space 396 sq. m
Pipe Organ:
by C. B. Fisk, Inc. (USA) 62 stops
Artists' Lounge
412 sq. m
Cloak Room
81 sq. m
Drink Corners
3 separate buffet counters