Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall
Outline of Facilities
Main Hall
Small Hall
Rehearsal Room
Reception Room
Practice Room
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Small Hall Seating
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Outline of Facilities
Small Hall
Small Hall

This is a shoe-box shaped performance hall equipped with the capacity to adjust reverberation time.
It is ideally suited for solo and chamber music performances. The distance from the stage to the seats is very close, which gives the audience a much more personal concert experience.
A beautiful garden adjoined by a hard wood deck is adjacent to the foyer and can be enjoyed before the performance or during intermission.

Outline of Facilities
Seating Arrangement
Shoe box shape
(reverberation:1.6 seconds with seating at full capacity)
425 sq. m (width: 17 m, depth: 23 m, height: 11.4 m)
Seating Capacity
Reverberation Time: 1.6 seconds (when fully occupied)
440 plus 4 spaces for wheelchairs
102 sq. m total area (width: 13-13.5 m wide, depth: 6.7-7 m)
Lighting battens
3 Battens: 2
Dressing Rooms
4 rooms, total area 111 sq. m
Cloak Room
38 sq. m
Drink Corner
One buffet counter
Rooftop Garden